EXCLUSIVE: Meet the new inhabitants of Successville

The cult hit Murder in Successville returns to our screens on 15th June, with Tom Davis‘ DI Sleet once again taking a series of celebrity rookies out to solve a murder, committed by one of the famous inhabitants of the downtrodden town.

© Tiger Aspect Television

© Tiger Aspect Television

As with Series 1 last year, the show also features Liam Hourican as Sleet’s boss, Gordon Ramsey, Nico Tatarowicz as PC Sid Lowecroft, and a string of top-notch comic talent playing the rest of the town’s citizens. And naturally, this includes more TVO faces to get excited about…

As we exclusively revealed on Thursday, the second series will feature the likes of Justin EdwardsColin HoultPaul KayeCariad LloydTony WayEllie White and even Paul Whitehouse!

© Tiger Aspect Television

© Tiger Aspect Television

To celebrate, the good folk at Tiger Aspect have let us in on a little more about this year’s murder victims and the suspects, who is playing who, and exactly when you’ll be able to see them… plus a set of exclusive images across this post of most of our regulars in action. You’ll probably notice there’s a distinct lack of Paul Kaye in these images, but more on that one soon… until then, here’s a run-down of each episode!

Paul Whitehouse as Len Goodman © Tiger Aspect Television

Paul Whitehouse as Len Goodman © Tiger Aspect Television

Episode One: Vigilante

There’s been another murder in Successville, but this week the suspect is D.I. Sleet! It’s the job of his new rookie, TV personality Vicky Pattison, to try and clear his name and find the real killer.

It’s not the birthday D.I. Sleet was expecting when Nick Knowles’ body is found dead in Sleet’s car. With all evidence pointing towards him, Sleet is arrested and taken to prison. Vicky must now break him out of jail and clear his name. Pattison is put through her paces as she and Sleet become renegades and meet three bizarre suspects who might have framed him for murder:

Sleazy Politician Len Goodman – played by Paul Whitehouse

Successville’s most corrupt politician had beef with Sleet in the past. Now playing by their own rules, the pair kidnap Len and attempt to torture him for answers.

Lorraine Kelly – played by Marie Lawrence

Lorraine is Sleet’s ex-lover and was emotionally scarred when he called things off. Was this enough motive for Lorraine to frame him for murder? Vicky breaks into her apartment to search for clues.

D.I. Lewis Hamilton – played by Ben Bailey Smith

Sleet’s main rival at cop school. Did Hamilton have something to gain from getting Sleet sent way? The pair break into the police station to get some answers.

Tony Way as Paul Hollywood © Tiger Aspect Television

Tony Way as Paul Hollywood © Tiger Aspect Television

Episode Two: Miranda

This week D.I. Sleet is joined by TV personality Mark Wright, who takes on the role of his cop sidekick. Sleet and Wright are tasked with cleaning up the streets of Successville. Chief Ramsay wants them to eradicate a new lethal drug, nicknamed ‘Miranda’.

The duo’s first port of call is to meet Daniel Radcliffe, a shady snitch, who has agreed to reveal the dealer responsible for the deadly drug. Unfortunately he is shot dead before exposing the truth. Looks like the detectives have a good old-fashioned murder mystery on their hands. Time to head to the seedier side of town to meet some dangerous Successville drug dealers.

Mark quickly discovers that handsome good looks only get you so far in policing. The suspects the cop duo meet this week are:

Paul Hollywood – played by Tony Way

Mark has to go undercover to infiltrate a biker gang in an attempt to befriend their leader. Is Paul Hollywood capable of murder?

Claudia Winkleman & Tess Daly – played by Cariad Lloyd and Rachel Parris

Two Successville residents who have fallen from grace through drug use and now live in a crack den. Can these two local druggies possibly have committed murder?

Frankie Boyle – played by Neil Maskell

A cruel and psychotic cartel leader who clearly has no respect for the police, but is he crazy enough to have killed Radcliffe?

Ellie White as Cara Delevingne © Tiger Aspect Television

Ellie White as Cara Delevingne © Tiger Aspect Television

Episode Three: A Horse Called Alan

This week D.I. Sleet is joined by sports pundit Chris Kamara. They discover that D.I Sleet’s close friend, Successville’s most successful race horse Alan Shearer has been murdered.

Tom Daley, the horse’s jockey is mourning at the local stables when Sleet and Kamara turn up looking for clues. Tom Daley reveals that he was bribed to lose the race by John Bishop, but Alan refused, costing him his life.

Kamara is put through his paces as he and Sleet meet three suspects:

John Bishop – played by Kevin Bishop

Sports promoter Bishop was angry that his fixed race had failed. Was he livid enough to become a murderer? Who else was involved in the betting ring?

Cara Delevingne – played by Ellie White

Sleet finds out from John Bishop that Cara was involved in the failed fixed race, so he brings her into the station for questioning. She’s soon joined by her lawyer David Tennant, played by Colin Hoult. But can Kamara handle the feisty suspect?

Sheikh Kayne West – played by Jason Lewis

The owner of the horse that was supposed to finish first. Was he such a bad loser that he killed Alan Shearer? Kamara goes undercover as a prostitute to find out.

Episode Four: Incognito

This week D.I. Sleet is joined by singer and jungle star George Shelley as they investigate a group of computer hackers called Incognito. One of the gang, Ed Sheeran, has been strangled to death in his den – but will this new murder investigation get in the way of something more important?

Forensics Officer Angela Merkel (Cariad Lloyd again) informs the pair that Sheeran had been snooping into some powerful people’s systems. Shelley is put through his paces as he and Sleet take techno-crime head on and interview…

Shia LaBeouf – played by Joseph Morpurgo

Entrepreneur and owner of Successville Technology Institute who appears very skittish. But what is he hiding? And is this the perfect place to pitch Sleet’s app?

Sarah Millican – played by Rachel Parris

If there is one place you shouldn’t hack into it’s Death Corp – an organisation that manufactures deadly military hardware. Millican is the big boss and appears unwilling to help the cop duo in their investigations, but why?

Jeremy Kyle – played by Luke Kempner

A wild and unpredictable city banker. But is he unhinged enough to kill? The detectives go undercover to discover the truth and also maybe find investment for Sleet’s app.

Justin Edwards as Jeremy Clarkson © Tiger Aspect Television

Justin Edwards as Jeremy Clarkson © Tiger Aspect Television

Colin Hoult as Ian McKellen © Tiger Aspect Television

Colin Hoult as David Tennant © Tiger Aspect Television

Episode Five: Heads, Shoulders, Knees & Toes

This week D.I. Sleet is joined by Spice Girl Emma Bunton, as our detectives learn that James May, a cop from North Successville, has been murdered. The duo head out of the city to help hunt for the cop killer.

May’s police partner Jeremy Clarkson (Justin Edwards) explains the details of the crime, while Sleet takes a shine to Chief of Police Nigella Lawson (Sherlock and Undercover star Yasmine Akram).

Bunton and Sleet learn that Det. James May was investigating three local residents of Northern Successville – did one of them kill for revenge? The pair have a long road ahead as they set off to meet the three main suspects:

Katy Perry – played by Kerry Howard

Perry runs a North Successville diner. Sleet and Emma go undercover as restaurant critics to look for clues. Katy’s strange behaviour freaks out Emma, but will she think she is crazy enough to murder?

Ian McKellen – played by Colin Hoult

They interrogate local fisherman McKellen at North Successville docks. It becomes clear that Ian is forgetful and this frustrates Sleet. Emma is left on her own to try and seek the truth.

Louis Walsh – played by Paul Kaye

A former cop thrown out of the force, Louis is down on his luck since having his hunting license taken away. Was Louis unhinged enough to resort to murder?

Murder in Successville returns on Wednesday 15th June to BBC Three and iPlayer. We’ll be bringing you an exclusive preview of Episode 1 of the new series just after midnight on Monday evening/Tuesday morning – so stay peeled…


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