Katy Wix is one of several great comedy faces featuring in new YouTube series Dave TALKS.



We’ve all, at some point, come across those mind-numbing online lectures that are filled with cliched metaphors, dodgy portmanteau words and ‘you-can-do-it’ vibes so strong it could almost be a cult in disguise. And now, freeview channel Dave have joined in on the eduformative funventure.

Exclusively available on their YouTube channel, the series spoof those seminar videos perfectly, with a series of Ideas No One Needs. Featuring a variety of topics including People Are Not a FruitUnlocking the Power of Emojis and Dance Your Own Destiny, each is written and performed a big name comic star. Across the series, you can see the likes of Nick Helm (Uncle), Elis James (Crims), Phil Wang, John Kearns, Adam Riches, Emma Sidi, James Acaster and the aforementioned Katy Wix.



In Wix’s edition, she’s almost unrecognisable as Summer Girlfriend: an inspirational speaker who shows the Dave TALKS audience how to turn around, all the way around, in a little circle through just nine simple steps.  Obviously, turning around, all the way around in a little circle isn’t as easy as it sounds, and there are many questions asked along the way. Summer, with her easy-going and helpful advice can make the journey safer and more fun for everyone.

It’s typically silly and irrelevant (that’s sort of Dave’s online forte), and lots of fun as a result. You can see for yourself below.

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