Set The Thames On Fire Release (& Only In Japan)

Set the Thames on Fire, the film which features Noel Fielding in a flooded, dystopian future London, has been granted a cinema release.

© Blonde to Black Pictures

© Blonde to Black Pictures

We saw the film last month at LOCO, and since then a fair few of you have been asking us where and when it will be available for wider consumption. Well wonder no more – the UK cinema release has been set as September 16th, and the film will be available on digital platforms from September 19th. We’ll provide you with more information about what that actually means (along with the usual helping of handy clickable links to access it) between now and then.

If you’re wondering what the film’s about, if Noel is any good (clue: he’s brilliant) and whether it’s worth watching, check out our review from  the LOCO screening.

Whilst we’re on the subject of Noel and audio-visual entertainment, some of you might recall that we tweeted a link to audience tickets for a Japanese-themed TV show that he’s hosting (filming this weekend). We can now confirm that it’s to be a one-off hour-long special for Channel 4.

The show has the working title Only In Japan and will see Noel looking at popular culture in Japan, particularly gameshows. A Channel 4 spokesman said: “Japanese pop culture is one of the most distinct modern day cultures in the world. Noel will explore the news, adverts, products and inventions from the land of the rising sun – from the slightly unusual to the downright bizarre. Once he has got a feel for this remarkable society Noel will challenge two teams of famous faces to compete in rounds from often peculiar but always fun Japanese gameshows, all in a bid to win the honour of becoming champions. Will these Japanese games take off here or will they get lost in translation?”

We’ll let you know as soon as we hear of any confirmed transmission dates for the show.

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