Eldon and Bea To Be Damned On Channel 4

Channel 4 has commissioned a full series of dark comedy Damned, with a cast including Kevin Eldon and Aisling Bea.

© Channel 4

© Channel 4

Nearly two years since the show aired as a one-off special for Sky Arts’ Playhouse Presents, it has been announced that a six-part series will now be made for Channel 4.

Damned is set in a busy children’s services department and has been created by Jo Brand and Morwenna Banks (Saxondale). The pair will be joined by Will Smith as a co-writer, whose credits include The Thick Of It and Time Trumpet, and the series is to be directed by Ian Fitzgibbon (Moone Boy, Raised By Wolves).

As the daughter of a social worker, Brand will no doubt be drawing on personal experience for the show, and has described it as: “An attempt to portray the tragic-comic lives of social workers – always under pressure, always in possession of a grim sense of humour and always wrong in the eyes of the public.”

Along with Brand and Banks themselves, Damned will also star Alan Davies alongside Eldon and Bea. In the original Sky Arts episode they played a mentally ill former employee of the department who still believes that he works there and an unhinged single mother respectively. No word yet on whether they will be playing these exact same roles in the show’s new incarnation on Channel 4, or if changes will be made to their characters.

Mr Eldon is a busy man at the moment, with recent news that he will be returning for a third series of The Missing Hancocks on BBC Radio 4, not forgetting his current part in Game Of Thrones!


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