Mat Baynton’s Charity Funny

Mat Baynton (Horrible Histories, Yonderland, Bill) has created a new video to raise awareness of Williams Syndrome, a rare genetic condition which his nephew lives with.

© Independent

© Independent

The short video turns the ‘charity video appeal’ formula on its head, with Mat failing to drum up support for an awareness-raising documentary about the condition. The TV execs to whom he’s pitching are wholly unimpressed with the whole thing, preferring to be bugging up a more high profile disease and a more high profile celebrity. You can watch the video below (look out for a Corden cameo at the end!).

To find out more about Williams Syndrome take a look at this website, which explains all about it. And well done to Mat, for raising awareness of this little-known condition – and for giving us a giggle in the process.  Good man…and best of luck to your nephew!

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