Lowe & Lee for Dead Funny Encore

© Salt Publishing

© Salt Publishing

The contents of horror anthology book Dead Funny Encore have been revealed – and include a few familiar names once more.

Back in 2014, Robin Ince and Johnny Mains decided to explore the relationship between comedy and horror to see if they do, as believed, make the most comfortable of bedfellows. The result was the book Dead Funny featuring stories by the likes of Katy BrandRichard HerringMatthew HolnessStewart LeeReece Shearsmith and many more.

Now the duo have returned with another batch of 18 short stories in a second volume. Stewart Lee is back on board with a story called ‘Test Pressing’, and others involved include Isy Suttie, Rufus Hound, Toby Hadoke and Elis James plus the legendary author Alan Moore for good measure. But most excitingly for longterm TVOers is the inclusion of not one, but two stories by Alice Lowe: ‘Carnival’ and ‘Paedo’.

The book, which will receive its first launch at the forthcoming Edge-Lit 5 event, will begin to appear on bookshelves in July. In the meantime, the first edition is a meagre £8.99 for a hardback on Amazon. Bargain!

While we wait, this gives us a chance to revisit an archive favourite: 2010’s short film Brethren.

Made as part of the Jackal Films calendar project, in which Alice Lowe and Jacqueline Wright made twelve shorts in as many months for YouTube and beyond, the piece gives us some indication of where Alice’s tales of horror might go, and features Sharon Horgan and Stephen Evans for good measure.

A stone cold classic, but be warned: you’ll never look at wasps the same way ever again…

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