The Sounds of Shepherd

Waen Shepherd has released selections of the score he created for forthcoming Velvet Onion-flavoured movie The Ghoul.

© Katy Darby / Waen Shepherd

© Katy Darby / Waen Shepherd

The film is the feature length directorial debut its writer, Gareth Tunley, and stars Tom Meeten alongside Shepherd, Alice Lowe, Rufus Jones, Paul Kaye, Geoffrey McGivern, Dan Skinner and Sean Reynard. Joining the ride are Naimh Cusack and James Eyres, and naturally, TVO are eager for you to see it. Filmed last March, we exclusively released the film’s first teaser trailer back in September, and can assure you all you are in for a real treat.

Whilst we all wait and salivate, Shepherd – still perhaps best known for his alter-ego Gary Le Strange – has released six pieces of music he has composed for the film for free download on his website, alongside brief descriptions of the tracks and his reasoning behind their creation.

TVO fans will also appreciate the opportunity to download score pieces from some of Waen’s previous composing work for BBC Three’s Murder in Successville, UK TV’s Crackanory, Bob Pipe’s shorts The Monster (which will also be released soon!) and The Day They Came to Suck Out Our Brains, and pieces from various pilots, including several TVO related one-offs!

You can download the lot from Waen’s brilliantly informative website, which also features the complete history of his work to date. Savour it over yonder.

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