The Mighty Walzer

© Tracy Ann Oberman

© Tracy Ann Oberman

Tracy Ann Oberman is to star in a brand new play at Manchester’s prestigious Royal Exchange Theatre.

The Stage reports that The Mighty Walzer – an adaptation of Howard Jacobson’s novel – has been adapted by Simon Bent, and will co-star Elliot Levey, Ilan Goodman and Joe Coen, alongside Daniel Abelson, David Crellin, Ann Marcuson, James Parris, Lily Sacofsky and Jonathan Tafler.

It tells the story of Oliver Walzer: a shy, bookish, Jewish boy in 1950s Manchester who can slice, flick and spin a ping pong ball better than any teenager around. When Sheeny Waxman takes him under his wing on the Akiva Social Club Table Tennis team, Oliver channels his frustrated adolescent lust into the game he loves, until the heartbreaking Lorna Peachley and the prospect of a place at Cambridge take his eye off the ball.

Oberman, known to comedy fans for her work in shows like Toast of London, Crims and Big Train is also an acclaimed dramatic actress of stage, screen and radio, so naturally, we’ve very excited about this one. Tracy’s last big stage role was as fashion editor Isabella Blow in smash hit London show McQueen throughout last year.

Speaking of his cast, director Jonathan Humphreys described them as ‘razor sharp’, stating: “They are an inordinately talented bunch who are going to bring 1950s Manchester into startling high definition at the Exchange this July.”

The play runs from June 30 to July 30, and tickets are on sale now.

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