Gutpunch online

The long awaited short film Gutpunch featuring Justin Edwards and Rufus Jones, is now available to watch online.

© Escape Films / BFI

© Escape Films / BFI

Written by Andy Yerlett and directed by Adrian McDowall, the short tells the story of 15-year old Adam (Christian Lees), who discovers the man he thought was his father (Edwads) is not his biological parent, and together they head off to find him via the magic of 1980s video dating.

Also featuring Hunderby‘s Rebekah Staton, How Not to Life Your Life‘s Leila Hoffman and relative newcomer Adam Greaves Neal (Sherlock), the short is a co-production between Escape Films and the BFI, and premièred at the LA Comedy Festival in May 2015, and is now finally available to view online.

It’s a real charmer, in turn hilarious and heartwarming, with Edwards at his blundering bumbly best, and Rufus… well, let’s just say Roddy Hart has to be seen to be believed. And you can do so over on Vice, where you can also read a fascinating interview with Yerlett & McDowall, or watch the short below right now.

We’ve also got a gallery of images from the production below. Enjoy…

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