Reanimated Stuff with Bob and Richard

The good folk at Arrow Films have released two new videos from Bob Pipe featuring Richard Sandling and YouTube sensation Ashens.

© Richard Sandling

© Richard Sandling

As with videos released last year, these accompany newly remastered and extremely limited edition reissues of cult horror films on the Arrow label.

The two clips feature self-confessed movie-buff (and world’s biggest VHS fan) Richard Sandling – he of Perfect Movie and Squat Betty fame – waxing lyrical about Bride of Re-Animator and The Stuff and their sumptuous blu-ray reissues. Alongside him is his special guest commentator Ashens, who is apparently very big on that there YouTube.

Produced, edited and directed by Forgery Club head honcho Bob Pipe, who is also no stranger to cult homage when the time is right, you can see both videos below now.

If you’re interested in buying the films, you’d better be quick: pre-orders for Bride of Re-Animator and The Stuff are going like hot cakes at the Arrow Films website over yonder.

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