Will Coogan’s Happyish Makes You Smile?

Happyish, the US sitcom that features Steve Coogan as disillusioned 40-something advertising exec, Thom Payne, has just hit UK TV screens.

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Back in January 2015, we reported that Coogan had been selected to replace Philip Seymour Hoffman in the lead role following the latter’s sad demise the previous year. Hoffman had recorded a pilot of the show, and Coogan was involved in the filming of a second pilot and the subsequent 10 episode series, which ran in the US in 2015.

At the time the show wasn’t particularly well received by American critics and wasn’t granted a second series. Now it’s our turn to give it a try; perhaps it’s comedy of a flavour better suited to our peculiarly cynical British sensibilities?

The ten-parter started a couple of weeks ago on Sky Atlantic but if you’ve missed it, the whole series is available to view on SkyGo and NOWTV. Or, if you prefer to watch your TV at the time that it’s transmitted (apparently some still do…), you can see repeats of episodes 3 and 4 as a double bill on Sky Atlantic this Tuesday, 12th April, starting at 11.05pm (right after Julia Davis and Rufus Jones appear in Camping TVO fact fans!), and new episodes 5 and 5 will air at 10pm on Wednesday 13th April on Sky Atlantic. So tune in…and be happy.

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