One Tw*t

A new short film featuring Rachel Stubbings and Tom Meeten is available to view now.

One Tw*t – which also features Man Down‘s Mike Wozniak – was released during TVO’s revamp-imposed hiatus, but it’s too good for us not to share with you, right here.

If you haven’t pressed play yet, One Tw*t features siblings Julie and her bother James (Stubbings and Wozniak), who are incredibly close to other another, and the film focuses on how their relationship copes with the addition of Bradley (Meeten), who is interested in getting to know Julie better, without James getting in the way.

Written by Rachel Stubbings, this is a deliciously curveball short, directed with flair by Ben Mallaby, who was previously responsible for the short flm Mosquito featuring Alice LoweRichard Herring and Stubbings. If you missed that one too, you can see it below.

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