An Evening with Noel Fielding… now with added Fulcher!

Rich Fulcher is to join the North America leg of Noel Fielding‘s tour.

© Secret Peter

© Secret Peter

Seven long years after the Future Sailors tour wrapped up in early 2009, Rich will be joining Noel and Mike Fielding for the North American tour dates between March 10th and April 9th.

As Rich himself put it, they’ll be “hitting the road again like Viking warriors harassing fields of corn and eating chipped paint”. Prepare to be amazed, Stateside fans. This is going to be one hell of a ride.

Shows in the US and Canada are already close to selling out, so go get your tickets while you still can! For more info on Rich’s extra-curricular activities now he’s over that there pond we call an ocean, check out his swanky new website.

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