Noel Across The Pond

The Tonight Show © Douglas Gorenstein

Noel Fielding has been spending time with the US media this week, in advance of his forthcoming American tour. So here’s one of our handy coverage round-ups, plus details on where and when you can catch him next:

First up, a note about the next opportunity to hear what Noel has to say – and this one is a bit different from the norm. On Monday 18th January at 4pm (EST)/9pm (GMT), he’ll be doing a Reddit AMA, which is your chance to ask him anything (literally). Knowing how inventive you lot are, we’re expecting some good questions! He’ll also be on Conan on Tuesday, 19th January (11pm ET).

This week we’ve seen Noel in a rather delightful interview on HuffPost Live, which you can view here, and on The Tonight Show which you can watch there (if you’re in the US…or you can probably find it without too much difficulty on youtube if not). For those of us who can’t watch the full episode, we can console ourselves with this clip.

He’s also been busy with a couple of audio-centric interviews too; he was on Kevin Klein Live on Friday morning – which you can hear here (Noel’s on at 38 mins), and you can also hear him on The Interrobang below:

In Blighty, we’ve also been lucky enough to see Noel alongside fellow TVO-er Aisling Bea this week on A League of Their Own (which will be repeated at 9pm on Sky2 on Sunday, or is available to view here for Sky subscribers), and he’ll be on Room 101 next Thursday – BBC1 at 8.30pm GMT. You can see a short preview below:

We’ll let you know if we discover any more. In the meantime, don’t forget to have your questions ready for Monday’s Reddit AMA!



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