It’s a Trap at the Hen and Chickens!

There’s a rare chance to see the long awaited comedy horror film The Trap at legendary venue The Hen and Chickens next week.

© FMW Films

© FMW Films

Directed by Fergus March, who co-wrote the film with written by Alan Freestone and James Wren, the indie-flick features TVO regulars Alex KirkRichard Glover and Bob Pipe alongside Wren, Louie Bayliss, Sarah Coyle, David Haden and many more, including Pros From Dover regular Sean Garratt.

Filmed way back in 2011 and completed back in 2013, it tells the tale of two very different groups who arrive at the same building on the same night, both after the same loot: a hoard of ancient treasure buried deep within a vast, abandoned Victorian bathhouse.

One is a group of professional cat burglars. Hardened, experienced, and on one last mission before retirement. The other is a bunch of misfit, unemployed youngsters on a team building exercise. But neither group is ready for the horrors they encounter.

Just one obstruction stands between them and riches beyond their wildest dreams. A deranged security guard has spent decades preparing the building against invasion and set up deadly and disturbing traps throughout the labyrinth. As the two groups venture deeper into the bathhouse, the traps become ever more elaborate, as the tension and hilarity reach fever pitch.

It’s all tremendous fun, and as is increasingly the case with underground films, this is impressive work on a shoestring budget, too. You can see for yourself if you’re near The Hen and Chickens on Wednesday 13th January – with tickets on sale now.

Before that, there’s also another chance to see the same team’s 2009 feature film Peacock Season – set at the Edinburgh Fringe and featuring appearances by Justin EdwardsPaul Foot, Richard Glover, Reece Shearsmith and James Wren, alongside Dan Antopolski, Nina Conti, Rhys Darby, Richard Herring, Adam Hills, Lucy Porter, Isy Suttie and many, many more. You can catch that particular screening on Tuesday 12th January.

And if you can’t make it along to see either film, the lovely folks at Go Faster Stripe are currently selling Peacock Season on dvd for a measly £4! Get in!

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