Perfect Movie – The Pilot!

Richard Sandling has unleashed a YouTube pilot version of his long-running live show Perfect Movie.

© Richard Sandling

© Richard Sandling

Self funded and self produced, the pilot takes the hugely successful stage concept and revamps it for screens big and small – with stand-up, games, sketches, mash-ups and a special guest discussing and recreating their favourite movie scenes.

For this pilot, it’s an old friend of Onion Land – the mighty Phill Jupitus. You can see the results below.

As is often the way with internet based alternative comedy – the success of this is dependent on visible support, so if you enjoy the show, hit ‘like’, hit ‘subscribe’, but most importantly of all – hit ‘share’. Spread the word if you want to see more! We certainly do.

Tell us what you think!

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