Crackanory week approaches!

Monday 7th December sees the launch of Crackanory series three, and as we told you recently, there’s an episode every day until Saturday! And here, at last, are the juicy details.

To celebrate the show’s return, the good folk at UKTV have provided us with some sneaky peek treats and an exclusive cast list which reveals just how the show may very well be the most TVO flavoured production in years.

For the uninitiated, the show features big name guests reading twisted tales – intercut with live action and animated segments to help illustrate the sumptuous words on screen. This year’s full list of readers are: Richard Ayoade, Simon Bird, Jimmy Carr, Robbie Coltrane, Greg Davies, Carrie Fisher, Tamsin Grieg, Christopher Lloyd, Sarah Millican, Morgana Robinson, Catherine Tate and Paul Whitehouse.

You can see an exclusive clip of Morgana Robinson discussing her story – The Truth About Suz – below

As well as Richard and Morgana, fellow TVO regulars will pop up on screen throughout the run. We can exclusively reveal that the live action cast for this series includes: Nicholas Burns, Kevin Eldon, Richard Glover, Alex Kirk, Alice Lowe, Tom Meeten, Steve Oram, Gareth Tunley and Tony Way.

Also along for the ride are Tom Bell (Humans, Anna and Katy), Tom Bennett (Fungus the Bogeyman, Pulling), Cavan Clerkin (Satan’s Hoof, Pulling, The IT Crowd, Dead Set), Kenneth Collard, (Detectorists, House of Rooms), Solphie Colquhoun (The IT Crowd), Janine Duvitski (This is Jinsey), Perry Fitzpatrick (Satan’s Hoof), David Gant (Time Trumpet), Jamie Glassman (Cockroaches), Kerry Codliman (Derek), Amy Hoggart, Kerry Howard (Mongrels), Rebecca Humphries (Cockroaches, Cardinal Burns), Val Lilley, Oliver Maltman (Of All The Trees, Star Stories), Ray Panthaki (The Wrong Mans, Convenience), Darren Strange (The IT Crowd, Human Remains), Tom Stourton (Murder in Successville, Horrible Histories, Common Ground) and Marcia Warren (This is Jinsey, Alice’s Wunderland).

Behind the scenes, there’s even more TVO talent hiding away – Waen Shepherd has composed the music for the whole run, while this year’s storywriters include Nico Tatarowicz alongside Kevin Eldon, Alex Kirk and Tony Way. You can find a full breakdown of the episodes below, after an exclusive clip featuring Morgana Robinson and Richard Glover.

Episode One

Monday 7th December, 10pm on Dave

Uncivil War written by Nico Tatarowicz, read by Paul Whitehouse.

Dread and Breakfast written by Nico Tatarowicz, read by Carrie Fisher.

Episode Two

Tuesday 8th December, 10pm on Dave

The Catchment Area written by Holly Walsh, read by Catherine Tate

The Frogbeast of Pontfldd written by Toby Davies, read by Richard Ayoade.

© Tiger Aspect / UK TV

© Tiger Aspect / UK TV

Episode Three

Wednesday 9th December, 10pm on Dave

The Zombie That Roared written by Alex Kirk, read by Jimmy Carr.

The Sat Nav Did It written by Melissa Bubnic, read by Christopher Lloyd.

Episode Four

Thursday 10th December, 10pm on Dave

The Last Laugh, written by Toby Davies, read by Robbie Coltrane.

Abattnoir, written by Dafydd James, read by Sarah Millican.

© Tiger Aspect / UK TV

© Tiger Aspect / UK TV

Episode Five

Friday 11th December, 10pm on Dave

The Truth About Suz written by Ed Easton & Kiri Pritchard Maclean, read by Morgana Robinson

The Vexed Message written by Tony Way, read by Greg Davies

Episode Six

Saturday 12th December, 10pm on Dave

Unlucky for Sam written by Kevin Eldon, read by Simon Bird

Bob’s House written by Holly Walsh, read by Tamsin Grieg

To catch up on previous episodes of Crackanory, visit UKTV Play now.

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