Noel & Sergio For Xmas No.1?

The Loose Tapestries, the psychedelic musical minstrel combo formed by Noel Fielding and Kasabian’s Sergio Pizzorno to create music for Luxury Comedy, have finally gone and released their long-anticipated Christmas single.

© Loose Tapestries

© Loose Tapestries

There was a lot of buzz about the track, ‘Can’t Wait for Christmas’, last year when they both referred to it in interviews – and we were holding out for a release, but sadly it never happened. Now it feels like all of our Christmases have come at once, with a stonking tune from Noel and Serge’s alter-egos Vacuum Cloud and The Decision.

The song also features a rap from Brit actor and future Bond favourite, Idris Elba. The animated video has been created by Luxury Comedy director and Fielding collaborator, Nigel Coan, which you can see below.

Nigel told us a bit more about his involvement in the project: “Originally it [the video] was going to be a short teaser loop for Instagram, but after talking to Serge & Noel I ended up doing the whole song. I turned it round in 2 days – it came together quite quickly, which is always the best way; we all wanted it to be lo-fi and not too precious. It’s very simple and very tapo’s – hopefully it adds something to the track. The song’s great as well, I hope it inserts itself into people across the land!”

We’re waiting to find out where and how you can download the track – and we’ll update you as soon as we can. We’d love to show the powers that be how the combined might of Boosh fans, Fieldmice and Kasabian fans can keep Cowell off the Xmas top spot this year!

Update: It looks like the charts are off – the song is available to download for FREE via Soundcloud now!


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