I Am A Video (and a digital download)

The brand new Gary Le Strange single I Am A Video is available to buy now – and the video can be viewed below.

TVO reached out to Gary’s minder Waen Shepherd for a word from the eccentric but entirely sane cult synth-rocker about the new track.

© Waen Shepherd

Proudly describing it as “a 4-minute socio-political dance thesis,” Gary explains that his new single was originally written for his unfinished third album Glamoronica (which is now available as a digital EP), but abandoned when he felt the global record-buying public weren’t quite prepared to be dazzled by such uncompromising brilliance, nor were his chief financial backers prepared to stump up the cash to make the necessary video to go with it.

“It’s hard to believe this prophetic slice of pop doom was written over ten years ago,” he says. “Yet it’s just as relevant today as it was then. Especially the bits about George Bush and Osama Bin Laden, and the stuff about them wrestling naked on the beach.”

With its four-to-the-floor hardcore dance beats and its hard-hitting but easy-to-follow political message about video culture or Western decadence or the human condition or something, it’s a song that most if not all of the family can both sing and tap their feet along to. Providing they have vocal cords and/or feet.

© Waen Shepherd

© Waen Shepherd

As ever, TVO is impressed by Gary’s return, and urge you to pick up this single, and Gary’s previous work if you haven’t already! The track is available on Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby and Spotify.

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