Sandling The Data Eating Monster

Richard Sandling has appeared in a new TV advert for BT, alongside Hollywood actor, Willem Dafoe.

© BT

© BT

The ad is the latest in the ‘Behind the Scenes’ films from BT, which have previously featured Rebel Wilson, Ewan McGregor, Gareth Bale and Rio Ferdinand, amongst others. In this new execution, Sandling plays the part of Gary the data eating monster, a role requiring him to don a very fetching motion capture suit. Sadly we never get to see him CGI’d into the final creature:

Sandling’s hilarious performance as Gary is one of the highlights in the next instalment of this painfully self-conscious campaign from the telecoms brand. In addition to the main 40 second commercial, he also appears in the not-entirely-real ‘making of’ footage of the ad, which you can see below. We’re not sure whether the world is ready for a fake behind the scenes film of a fake behind-the-scenes advert, but here you go…

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