More Smiley On Screen

Michael Smiley‘s been a busy chap, with a fair few of the projects that he’s recently been involved in receiving coverage this week:

© Zeitgeist

© Zeitgeist

Earlier this year we told you about his role in Orthodox, an independent film about an Orthodox Jewish boy, Benjamin, bullied for his faith, and who turns to boxing as a means of self defence. This week the film received its UK premiere at the Phoenix cinema in London, which included a cast Q&A. For more photos from the event and to find out where else the film is showing, follow Orthodox’s Facebook page or twitter feed.

This week were also told that Mr Smiley would be reprising his role of computer whiz Benny Silver in the new series of Luther. Rumour has it that BBC America will screen Luther series 4 as a three-hour special on Thursday the 17th of December, but as yet there’s no information about how the series will be screened for British audiences.

If you like your entertainment to be a bit out there and arty, try to catch the critically-aclaimed movie, The Lobster while it’s still on general release. Michael’s also in that – and here he is talking about it at the premiere:

And finally, don’t forget that he’s also in Belly of The Bulldog, a film by Nick Gillespie about a dramatic horror film about a group of mercenaries and their prisoners, also featuring Tom Meeten. Michael plays a character by the name of Capper and Tom plays Evans in the film. Belly of the Bulldog had its premiere at Frightfest in October – to great reviews, and hopefully more of us will get to see it on the big screen next year. For more information, follow the film’s twitter feed.


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