Katy Wix Writes Second Book Of Comic Monologues


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Katy Wix released her first book of comic monologues for women in 2014. Since then, she has been working on a second volume, which is now available to buy from book stores, with a forward by Sharon Horgan.

Wix has been busy writing audition speeches for drama school students at institutions such as RADA, LAMDA, Drama Centre and The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. The aim is to fill a gap in the market that’s calling for attention; and there doesn’t seem to be any resource like this, which provides such original, and of course funny, material to be used by students.

Speaking to The Guardian about her decision to embark on this creative challenge, Wix stated that she, “Found that a lot of performers couldn’t find the material they wanted for auditions… The more I did it, the more I realised that this sort of material doesn’t really exist.”

If you’re an acting type yourself, order yourself a copy of Katy’s handy book from here.

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