A Day In October… In February

Sarah Kendall will be reviving her 2015 Edinburgh Fringe show for a final set of dates in the new year.



The Fosters Comedy Award nominated show A Day in October played to packed out audiences across the Fringe in August, following huge success in her native Australia at Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Now Londoners will get a final chance to see the show in February, when it returns to its spiritual home at The Soho Theatre.

A gifted raconteur, Kendall’s show is, in her own words: “about a friendship I had with a guy in my teenage years. We went to a pool party one October, and the show is about the knock-on effect that pool party had on us throughout the rest of his life and my life.”

Following rave reviews, which placed Kendall as a master comic at the top of her game (quite rightly so!), there’s a huge buzz around the show, but these will be the final dates before Sarah moves on to her next piece.

You can book tickets for the six night run from Monday 15th to Saturday 20th February now via the Soho Theatre Website. And if you missed it back in February, TVO sat down for a lengthy natter with Sarah about her work, which you can catch up on over yonder.

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