Return of the Detectorists

BBC Four’s award-winning sitcom The Detectorists returns this month for a new six part series, with Simon Farnaby once again making an appearance.

© Channel X North / Treasure Trove / Lola Entertainment / Chris Harris

© Channel X North / Treasure Trove / Lola Entertainment / Chris Harris

Written and directed by Mackenzie Crook – star of The OfficePirates of the Caribbean and Game of Thrones – the show features Crook and Toby Jones (The Hunger Games, Frost/Nixon, Doctor Who) as metal detector enthusiasts in search of their hearts’ desire.

Farnaby – who also appeared in the first series – returns alongside Paul Casar as rival detectorist duo Garfunkel and Simon. Also along for the ride are Gerard Horan, Sophie Thompson and Rachael Stirling, plus the legendary Dame Diana Rigg.

The Detectorists returns on Thursday evening at 10pm on BBC Four. Episodes will be available on iPlayer shortly after transmission, and both series will be available on DVD together from 7th December. If you need to catch up before then, Series One is on iPlayer now.

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