Noel & Mike Join The Trailer Park Boys Podcast

Noel Fielding and Mike Fielding met up with The Trailer Park Boys, who were visiting England for a few days, to chat about life in London, and the best tourist locations to visit.

© Netflix

© Netflix

They also discussed the lack of ice in England and frozen guitar solo’s, along with Margaret Thatcher and Walt Disney. The star of the show is Noel’s outfit, watch it (and the podcast)  here:

Needless to say, as it’s The Trailer Park Boys, the podcast is NSFW.

2 Comments on Noel & Mike Join The Trailer Park Boys Podcast

  1. THANK YOU for posting this! I loooove Trailer Park Boys and saw the photo of them with Noel and Mike on FB several days ago. Amusingly I zeroed in right on Noel and didn’t even see who he was with at first, it was such a bizarre combination. it’s like seeing a Red Dwarf/Only Fools and Horses crossover; two things I adore but would never in a million years expect to see together. We tried to watch the podcast last night but you have to pay to join SwearNet and I didn’t realize it was on Vimeo too. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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