Marley’s Ghosts

Nicholas Burns joins John Hannah, Jo Joyner and Sarah Alexander in a new comedy commission for UKTV’s Gold channel.

© Ray Burmiston / UK TV

© Ray Burmiston / UK TV

Marley’s Ghosts features Sarah Alexander (Undercover) as Marley: a woman with a rare gift that comes with mixed blessings: she can talk to the dead.

The titular ghosts she sees are her husband Adam (A Touch of Cloth‘s John Hannah), her vicar (Jo Joyner, Ordinary Lives) and her lover, Michael, played by Nicholas Burns. The Sarah Jane Adventures star Mina Anwar is amongst those still in the land of the living, for good measure. It all sounds delightfully bonkers, and you can see a sneaky trailer right now.

The comedy lineage continues behind the camera too, as Marley’s Ghosts is written by Comic Strip Presents veteran Danny Peacock (who international audiences may remember from his guest slot in Sylvester McCoy era Doctor Who), and the three part series is produced by John Stanley Productions: the company set up by Matt Lucas, no less.

On directing duties is Ben Gosling Fuller (The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff, The IT Crowd, That Mitchell and Webb Look), while producer Katie Mavroleon previously worked on Pompidou and Life’s Too Short.

The series begins on Wednesday, 30th September. In the meantime, you can see a gallery of images from the show below.


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