Questionable Science Goes Global!

Questionable Science – the new online comedy mockumentary from Rich Fulcher – is now available to view worldwide!

© Comedy Central

© Comedy Central

The show features Rich in typically madcap mode, posing the kind of questions no other science documentary is daring to pose. For example: What if Matthew McConaughey could fly? What if sneezing was racist? What if the high five never existed? These are questions only Rich would ever consider asking, and we’re glad he is doing, because by gawd we’ve missed him!

Boosh fans should also make note: the mighty David Westlake of Sneaker Pimps and the Mighty Boosh Band has scored the series. We’re still holding out hope that album he helped them make gets a release one day, too, but that’s another story.

Anyhow, as we told you last week, there was some confusion over potential region-locking of the content, as Comedy Central videos are not always available outside the US. And indeed, the links on Comedy Central’s own website are definitely not for most of the world.

© Comedy Central

Fortunately, the channel have put the content up on YouTube for the enjoyment of everyone – for now at least! The full playlist can be viewed below, and we recommend you hit subscribe to get more as and when it happens. The more interest this gets from the UK, the more chance that some fine broadcaster over on this side of the pond will be interested in making a full series, so we can have our favourite American back for a bit. Waddya say, Peelers? Can we get sharing?

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