Holness Gets Tangoed

© Matthew Holness

The latest Tango promotional campaign has been directed by none other than Matthew Holness.

The star of Garth Marenghi’s DarkplaceMan to Man with Dean Learner and Life’s Too Short made the switch to directing in recent years, with his debut short 2011’s A Gun for George followed by 2012’s Playhouse Presents special The Snipist starring Douglas Henshall and John Hurt.

Holness, who last appeared on our screens in the second series of Toast of London has made an eight-minute advert purporting to be footage from a shopping channel. In it, a Tango rep explains the Five Stages of Tang to the host, and reveals their new product: the Ring Pullinator 6000.

Made in collaboration with advert agency 101 and The Day Today legend David Schneider’s production company That Lot, the ad has already generated a lot of interest for the soft-drinks team, and will be followed by future adverts in the series across the summer. You can see it for yourselves below.

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