Undercover on Dave for Dave

© Baby Cow

© Baby Cow

Dave Lambert directs new show Undercover – coming to Dave this Summer.

The sitcom stars BAFTA award winner Daniel Rigby (Eric and Ernie), Sarah Alexander (Green Wing, Coupling), Brett Goldstein (Derek, Uncle), Ryan Sampson (Plebs, Up the Women) and Yasmin Akram (Stella, Sherlock), and focuses on neurotic, over analytical, metrosexual traffic policeman Chris (Rigby), who is also an undercover cop in a vicious Armenian crime family.

With Chris’ day to day tasks mainly resolving around not getting killed whilst blending in with excessively violent gangsters, his goal is to try and smoke out the upper echelons of the Sarkissian family and bring them to justice.

Sarah Alexander plays demanding new police handler DI Zoe Keller, who has to battle her growing feelings for Chris… who himself is more concerned with staying alive through the family battles for supremacy. The series also features guest appearances from former Being Human star Michael Socha, Comic Strip legend Keith Allan and Horrible Histories star Jim Howick.

Produced by Baby Cow and Bonafide, the show is the brainchild of co-star Sacha Alexander, and is co-written by Andy Milligan (Scallywagga) and Sacha’s regular collaborators Mark Staheli and Simon Dean. Where TVO comes into the equation is that the whole run is directed by Dave LambertMighty Boosh documentary maker extraordinaire who moved into directing the fictitious side of comedy with Alan Partridge: Welcome to the Places of My Life in 2012, and Sky’s TVO-star-packed Common Ground in 2013.

The six part series will air on Dave in June, and we’ll have more details for you very soon. Until then, stay peeled!

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