W1A Returns

W1A, the fictionalised fly on the wall documentary about life at the BBC returns for a second series later this month. The show features TVO-connected faces, Jessica Hynes (Siobhan Sharpe) and Rufus Jones (David Wilkes) amongst its cast.

© BBC/Jack Barnes

© BBC/Jack Barnes

The new series kicks off with a one hour special, set one year on from the first series. The team at the beeb have a new set of problems to contend with, including an impending royal visit, giving a makeover to the BBC coverage of Wimbledon, and trying to come up with the next big Factual Entertainment series after ‘Britain’s Tastiest Village’ flopped.

The first episode tackles the still-topical subject of Jeremy Clarkson (read a preview of the episode here).  You can catch it on BBC2 on 23rd April at 9pm. Sounds like a good un!

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