Pieces Out Now – Online!

As per our lead item on this week’s So Hot Right Now, we’re getting more than a bit excited about the film Pieces – which is now available to watch online!

© Jack Weatherley

© Jack Weatherley

It’s the second short from writer/director Jack Weatherley, and features a top-notch list of collaborators, including Paul Kaye, Alice Lowe and Michael Smiley. To extend the TVO connections further, cinematography comes courtesy of Laurie Rose, and the soundtrack comes via the impressive collaboration of Pablo Clements and James Griffith.

The 15 minute film has been 2 years in the making, and has been attracting attention for its dark subject matter and heavyweight cast. 31 year old Weatherley spoke to the Huffington Post about it recently, saying: “It’s quite a dark and challenging piece, a non-chronological exploration of a difficult subject which will hopefully provoke questions from audiences. It’s about an unspoken incident which affects two families, effectively turning their lives into a nightmare. With shorts you have to do something which is different.”

Appetite whetted? You can view the film below:

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