The Cloud for Linehan, Buxton & Bea



Graham Linehan and Adam Buxton have teamed up to write a new space-set tv pilot, according to Radio Times.

The Cloud will feature a hapless crew on board a data hub floating above the earth, protecting the vast amounts of information humanity now hoards of its endless devices. Information such as selfies, kitten pictures and porn. Lots of porn.

No word yet on whether the show will include any aliens or sutin, but signed up for the non-broadcast pilot is none other than Aisling Bea. She’ll be joined by Jamie Demetriou (Cockroaches, Bill), and as soon as we hear more info, if any, we’ll let you know.

Buxton, of course, is perhaps best known for his work as one half of seminal comedy duo Adam & Joe, though international readers may remember his guest appearance in The IT Crowd, written by Linehan. You can here the two writers chat to one another in this BBC Radio 4 show, Chain Reaction, via iPlayer now.

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