Box of Issues & the Work of Tom Golding

One of the joys of The Velvet Onion is that, by concentrating on a particular family of regular collaborators, we get to draw your attention to some great material that could potentially go unnoticed by more mainstream comedy websites. Of course, the downside to this is that it’s very rare we get an opportunity to go outside our remit – and gawd knows we get requests from all over the place to cover this, that and the other, with varying degrees of quality flung our way.

© Tom Golding

© Tom Golding

Every now and then, a name will keep cropping up, however, and we’ll mark them as one to watch. One such name is Tom Golding, who appeared in Anna & Katy and The Ministry of Curious Stuff, whilst eagle-eyed Doctor Who viewers may remember him as one of Martha’s followers in Last of the Time Lords way back in 2007! He’s also made a habit of cropping up in online sketches – including the ingenious James James Bond by Thomas Nelstrop, alongside Richard Glover.

Golding also makes sketches of his own, including A Wooden Boxa frankly baffling yet brilliant sketch with William Andrews of Pixelface, Sorry I’ve Got No Head and more recently, Broadchurch fame – and a sketch with Gemma Arrowsmith which is possibly the most disturbing take on The Chuckle Brothers legend ever made. We’re not quite sure what goes on in Tom’s mind, but we like our occasional visits there an awful lot.

Anyhow, as we always pride ourselves on chances to give shout outs to talented names not quite on our roster (see also Late Night Gimp Fight and Jonny & The Baptists to name but two of our favourites), we felt this was a prime time to direct you towards Tom’s output, particularly as his latest video, Box of Issues, features a cameo appearance from our very own Stephen Evans.

So if you like what you see, why not delve into Tom’s world a little more? And for more recommendations on names just outside our regular fold, keep an eye on our Twitter feed, where we’ll always be happy to share some great comedy that doesn’t quite make it onto our news pages on technicalities alone.

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