Bad Date for Captain Whelans

© Channel 4

© Channel 4

Channel 4’s latest series of online shorts has a familiar face amongst its cast, as Phil Whelans appears in one of several Bad Date shorts.

Each mini-film features a real-life person revisiting their worst attempts at romance, which are then re-enacted on screen.

In the episode entitled The Rich Boy, Cockney Richelle remembers being taken for a flight on a private jet, owned by her date’s father, the morning after one hell of a night before.

Phil Whelans (The Day They Came To Suck Out Our Brains, It’s KevinKill Phil) plays the piloting parent in question, whilst the date is another familiar face – Tom Palmer: who you may recognise from his appearances in Cardinal BurnsCommon Ground and Doctor Who, or from Colin Hoult’s Final Adventures at the Leicester Square Theatre a few years ago.

Another edition, The 1980s Goth, features comic actor Toby Williams, who also appeared in TDTCTSOOB, cameoed in Paddington and will soon be seen in Ben Wheatley’s High Rise.

You can see The Rich Boy and The 1980s Goth over yonder, along with four other minisodes, all of which are directed by Tom Levinge.

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