Matt Berry’s Lone Wolf Sequel

Matt Berry


Matt Berry will be starring in a follow-up wildlife ‘documentary’ to last year’s iPlayer comedy short, Lone Wolf, in which he talks us through the courtships and mating rituals of creatures in the wild – in typical Berry-style of course.

With Lone Wolf having been nominated for Best Internet Comedy Short in the British Comedy Awards 2014, the sequel Wild Love is set to be a comedy delight.

It will be part of a new batch of nine online comedy shorts, which will be available on BBC iPlayer. Other stars who will feature in the shorts include TVO regular Katy Wix, as well as the likes of Bill Bailey, Russ Abbot, Sara Pascoe and Nick Helm. Aisling Bea will also be starring in Romesh Ranganathan’s short, A Tale of Two Roms.

The previous batch of comedy shorts, from June 2014, is still available on iPlayer here. This new set, written around the theme of Valentine’s Day, will be available from the 13th of February.

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