Kim Noble Back At Soho Theatre

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If you don’t know much about Kim Noble, we recommend that 2015 is the year you find out more. And his forthcoming performances at Soho Theatre will provide you with the perfect opportunity!

Following its critically acclaimed and 2014 Total Theatre Judges Award winning preview run during the final week of Edinburgh Festival Fringe, his live show Kim Noble: You’re Not Alone will have its much anticipated London premiere season at the London theatre, from 3rd February.

The deeply personal show blends and pushes the boundaries of performance, comedy and film into a theatre piece that starts long before audiences enter the theatre and will continue long after they’ve left. It chronicles one man’s very personal attempt at human connection. Through friendship, love, sex, family, community and employment, Kim takes audiences on a journey through tower blocks, supermarkets, service stations, Facebook and B&Q, as he tries to forge closer relationships in order to escape the loneliness of modern society.

Here’s what other reviewers have said about Kim’s performances:

“Noble’s guerrilla theatre piece runs the gamut from unethical and troubling to random acts of kindness and real tenderness.” ★★★★ Guardian

 “One of the most hypnotically involving pieces of theatre I’ve ever seen” ★★★★ Telegraph

“This is not a depressing show. There are moments where the audience laughs a laugh that rocks them into the row in front like a comedy Mexican Wave, but it is a show so profoundly moving you want to stay in its depths as long as you can.” ★★★★★ Scotsman

The show runs Tuesday 3rd February to Saturday 7th March, and tickets cost £10 – £20. Click here for more information and to buy tickets. Prepare to have your thoughts provoked..

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