Farage Up! Get Jonny & The Baptists into the UK Charts now!

Earlier this year, we told you about friends of TVO Jonny & the Baptists new single, The Farage EP, being made available via bandcamp and at live dates.  Whilst the duo have no direct links to TVO regulars beyond sharing a bill here and there, we’ve always been rather fond of their work, and they’ve always been rather nice about our fondness for them, so we’re always happy to give them a plug.

© Johnny And The Baptists

© Johnny And The Baptists

At the time, Jonny & The Baptists had recently made news headlines as their brilliant UK tour, STOP UKIP, ran fowl of the titular bunch of ‘politicians’ (we could think of better words, but we probably shouldn’t).  The cause was a music video for their feel-good summertime anthem, which you can see below. We particularly love the cameo from friend of TVO (and fantastic comedian), Nathaniel Tapley.

Ahead of their 2014 Edinburgh show, Jonny & The Baptists: The Satiric Versesthe song joined live favourite Angela Merkel, and titular song Farage – in which the duo try to define the meaning of this increasing common, and oft-mispronounced word – on the EP.  The latter track, however, is why we’re reminding you all about it today.

Following the release and subsequent withdrawal of a revolting song by a certain former DJ and tv presenter who we won’t give any more publicity to by mentioning its name, Jonny & The Baptists are aiming to get their Farage EP into the charts.  And this is where you come in.

Simply visit iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play Music and download the EP now. It’ll be £3 well spent, and 25p of every sale of Farage goes to Hope Not Hate.

A certain party wanted to claim a number one song promoting bigotry this weekend.  They’ve lost that chance, but here’s an opportunity to show them we’re not all going to blindly accept their lies – whilst supporting a great cause AND two talented and lovely comedians into the bargain.  Buy it now.

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