The Edinburgh Fringe Approaches

© The Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014

For three weeks every year thousands of shows from the worlds of comedy, theatre and anything else you can think of descend on Edinburgh for the largest arts festival in the world. The full programme for the Edinburgh Fringe 2014 has now been launched and of course there are many TVO regulars making an appearance.

The full programme can be viewed and all tickets can bought over at the fringe website. Read on to see our round-up of what’s on offer from TVO’s gig-nut Rosanna.


Six of our beloved featured artists have solo shows at the fringe this year. These are:

© Tony Law

Tony Law: Enter the Tone Zone

The Stand III & IV —- 30 July – 24 August (not 11th) —- 12:10

Known for his unique style of surrealist and often historically themed rambling, Tony is one of TVO’s most prolific stand-ups. He’s back at the Stand in his traditional lunchtime slot with a brand new hour of shouty bollocks.

Dan Clark: Me, My Selfie and I

Pleasance Dome —- 30 July – 24 August (not 13th) —- 20:20

If you like your observational comedy to have a lingering aftertaste of oddness, then Dan Clark’s the man for you. Witty, often silly, and with a ridiculous amount of on-stage charisma, rumours have it that this new show sees Dan tussling with more grown up issues (it’s all relative of course).

Kim Noble: You’re Not Alone

Traverse Theatre —- 19-24 August —- 23:15

Kim Noble‘s work is wildly different to that of the other artists covered on this site – and also to anything else on the planet. He blends storytelling, stand-up and film for a mix that’s shocking, moving and absolutely hilarious.

Paul Foot: Hovercraft Symphony in Gammon # Major

Underbelly, Cowgate —- 31 July – 24 August (not 11th) —- 19:30

Absurd even by TVO’s standards, Paul Foot‘s stand-up has been a favourite of ours for a long time. This year he is bringing an hour of apparently seafood-themed humour to the festival.

Sarah Kendall: Touchdown

Pleasance Courtyard —- 30 July – 25 August (not 11th) —- 21:30

Sarah Kendall provides Aussie wit described by the Sunday Times as “brilliant observational comedy.” She returns to Edinburgh this year with a show about the time she spent in an under-14s Women’s Touch Rugby team.

Joey Page: This is Not a Circus

Underbelly, Bristo Square —- 30 July – 25 August (not 12th) —- 22:45

Joey’s stand-up is an hilarious combination of cockney charm and surreal whimsy which may be familiar from his appearances on Luxury Comedy and Never Mind The Buzzcocks. His new show promises a “silly, irreverent technicoloured extravaganza.”

Rachel Stubbings: Doing It for Himself

Underbelly, Bristo Square —- 30 July – 25 August (not 12th) —- 15:00

Having focused mainly on character comedy in the past, Rachel is extending her brand of deadpan humour to talk about becoming a cool independent woman, doing it for himself.


These shows come from some of our favourite acts from the wider world of TVO.


The Alternative Comedy Memorial Society

Stand in the Square —- Sundays-Wednesdays 3 – 24 August —- Times vary

Undoubtedly one of London’s most fun and ridiculous comedy clubs, ACMS almost always has a TVO regular or two on the bill. Coming to Edinburgh for 13 nights only it’ll be well worth a watch – if only to see them try to fit it into an hour.

Andrew O’Neill: Mindspiders & History of Heavy Metal

Mindspiders: Whistlebinkies —- 2-24 August —- 17:15
History of Heavy Metal: Pleasance Dome —- 30 July – 24 August (not 11th) —- 22:45

Alternative, silly and hilarious, Andrew is bringing two shows to the festival this year. Mindspiders is a free show of inventive and surreal stand-up and his History of Heavy Metal sees him talk about the thing he loves most in the world.

Cardinal Burns

Pleasance Courtyard —- 15-23 August (not 18th) —- 22:00

Following on from the success of their two TV series, our thoughts on which can be found here, Cardinal Burns return to Edinburgh for a limited eight night run.

The Grandees: A Creepshow & BaBoom!

A Creepshow: Heroes @ The Hive —- 31 July – 24 August (not 12th) —- 20:45
BaBoom!: Underbelly, Cowgate —- 31 July – 24 August (not 12th) —- 16:00

Having recently hosted The Forgery Club, The Grandees are rapidly rising up the TVO ranks. The sketch troupe’s comedy is inventive, hilarious and this year involves a parasitic lizard in the Deep South.

Jonny & The Baptists: The Satiric Verses & Jonny Donahoe: Class Whore

Jonny & The Baptists: The Satiric Verses: Pleasance Dome —- 30 July – 24 August (not 11th) —- 21:40
Jonny Donahoe: Class Whore: Cowgatehead —- 12-24 August (not 17th, 18th) —- 19:30

Having recently made headlines as their tour, Stop UKIP, aggravated the titular party, Jonny & the Baptists return to Edinburgh with another musical political outing, The Satiric Verses. In equal parts silly and satirical, their shows never fail to bring joy. Jonny will also be bringing back his charming solo show, Class Whore, for 11 nights of the festival.

Will Adamsdale: Borders

Underbelly, Cowgate —- 31 July – 24 August (not 11th) —- 18:00

Intelligent, charming and very, very funny Will Adamsdale’s show definitely goes on the ‘unmissable’ list. You might recognise him from his appearance on Julian Barratt‘s recent solo show at the Soho Theatre.


Unrelated to the TVO crowd, here are some shows I, personally, would strongly recommend (brutally whittled down from about a million):

© Adam Riches

Adam of the Riches

Pleasance Dome —- 30 July – 24 August —- 21:45

If you like your character comedy hilarious and your audience participation aggressive, this is definitely one to watch. Includes the best take on Sean Bean you will ever see.

Bridget Christie: An Ungrateful Woman

The Stand Comedy Club —- 2-25 August —- 11:10

Bridget’s popularity has exploded since she won last year’s Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Award and rightly so – fiercely feminist in theme, her comedy makes all the right points whilst being hysterically funny.

Cariad & Paul: A Two-Player Adventure

Pleasance Dome —- 18-23 August —- 20:10

Creating a whole hour of adventure with a host of bold characters and brilliant stories from a single word from the audience, this is improv at its best. The show mixes genuine drama and delightful comedy and is so good you have to keep reminding yourself it’s not been scripted in advance.

Casual Violence: Om Nom Nom Nominous & The Great Fire of Nostril

Om Nom Nom Nominous: Voodoo Rooms —- 1-23 August (not 5th, 12th, 19th) —- 21:35
The Great Fire of Nostril: Pleasance Courtyard —- 1-25 August (not 12th, 19th) —- 16:45

Silly, dark and with great storylines, Casual Violence are a sketch group to watch. Om Nom Nom Nominous is their best-of show which is free to see and Great Fire of Nostril takes place in the same brilliant universe as last year’s show, House of Nostril.

The Horne Section: Milk the Tenderness

Underbelly, Bristo Square —- 7-24 August —- 22:50

The Horne Section comprises comedian Alex Horne and five superb jazz musicians. The show is silly and joyful, fuses comedy and jazz brilliantly and different guests feature on every show.

Jess Robinson: Mighty Voice

Pleasance Dome —- 30 July – 25 August (not 11th) —- 21:40

 Jess Robinson is an impressionist and singer and is phenomenally talented at both. Accompanied by Kirsty Newton, they perform some stunning musical numbers that don’t fail to bring in the laughs.

John-Luke Roberts: Stnad-Up

Voodoo Rooms —- 2-24 August (not 12th) —- 18:05

Co-host of the Alternative Comedy Memorial Society, John-Luke Roberts is one of the best alternative stand-ups about. This year’s show has the theme of the nature of truth and is clever, strange and brilliantly funny.

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