Rich @midnight In The USA

© Comedy Central

© Comedy Central

We mentioned a couple of days ago that Rich Fulcher was to be a guest on @midnight, the US internet-themed improv comedy panel show hosted by  The Nerdist – Chris Hardwick.

We are now pleased to tell you that the episode is available for viewing online – unfortunately just for viewers in the USA.

For more information about the show check out @midnight’s pages on the US Comedy Central website.

2 Comments on Rich @midnight In The USA

  1. I love this new show! It’s so fast paced and hilarious. Rich killed it, he was his usual brilliant self. His was the best episode by far! If you haven’t seen this show yet, it’s worth checking out!


  2. I tried to tell you he was on, but now you can watch him. You can hear Chris Hardwick say…and The Mighty Boosh, under his breath when introducing Rich, after listing more recent credits. We watch the show nightly, so this was an added bonus for me. I’ll watch any of them, inn anything. I agree about Montreal…so close yet, and all that. Sigh…being a responsible adult sucks sometimes… Sophia has her interview for the internship tomorrow, so I’ll let you know what the story is asap. Fingers crossed she gets it, and can still do your gig. What day of the week is it? xx


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