Poetry With Oly Ralfe

Oly Ralfe has contributed a poem to a new publication, ‘Selected Poems by Indie Rock Stars’.

© Yellow Bird Project

The poetry book is being produced by Yellow Bird Project, a Montreal-based organisation dedicated to finding cool, unique, creative, & musical opportunities to incite change. Previously they have worked with musicians to create unique t-shirt designs that benefit an array of charities, each chosen by the musicians. However, in this instance they have published a $5 book of poetry.

Yellow Bird Project have described the book as: “The oldest form of art and the freshest array of talent…a collection of worldly delights from a star-dusted line-up of indie musicians the world over compiled to be enjoyed in a quiet space to transcend reality and expand your consciousness to a place far and beyond.” Wowsers. If that sounds like your cup of tea click here to buy one for yourself.

Oly’s evocative poem, Roamers, was selected to be one of six sent out via email to whet people’s appetite for the treasures that they’ll find in the book. To read his poem click on this.

To find out more about Yellow Bird Project visit their website.

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