Not Mrs Brown’s Boys

Graham Linehan has been talking to the press this week about his new sitcom The Walshes.

© Boom Pictures

© Boom Pictures

The three-part series, which starts on BBC4 in March (provisionally 13th March), features an oddball Irish family. However, Linehan is keen to avoid comparisons with Brendan O’Carroll’s hit show Mrs Brown’s Boys, saying, “It (Mrs. Brown’s Boys) is more pantomimey but I haven’t actually seen it. I think it’s more larger than life than what we’re trying to do. I was never really a big fan of Brendan’s in Dublin so it probably wouldn’t appeal to me. It’s an interesting phenomenon. I don’t expect a mass migration from their show to ours. We’re probably aiming at different audiences.”

Linehan penned The Walshes with Irish comedy troupe Diet of Worms, who also appear in the show. The characters are based on The Taste Of Home, a low-budget web series created by the comedy group in 2010. What’s more, they have already been sketching out ideas for a second series. “Hopefully we will get a recommission.” Linehan said.

To read his interview with the Radio Times click here. To see what he said to The Independent click there.

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