Sharon Mans Up

© Sharon Horgan

Sharon Horgan has been cast in a new rom-com, Man Up, which is currently filming in London.

The film stars Spaced legend Simon Pegg alongside American actress Lake Bell, Count Arthur Strong regular Rory Kinnear, the inimitable Ken Stott and, of course, the magnificent Sharon Horgan as a character called Elaine.

It focuses on a single woman (Bell) who is mistaken for a stranger’s blind date, which leads her to finding the perfect boyfriend.

Standard rom-com stuff, perhaps, but what peaks our interest beyond that impressive cast is that the director is Ben Palmer – whose current cv has a rather large number of TVO connections.

Best known for his work on The Inbetweeners (featuring Waen Shepherd), he was also at the helm for fully fledged TVO smash Star Stories, which featured Tom Meeten, Dolly Wells, Laura Patch, Fergus Craig, Rhys Thomas and Alice Lowe to name a few.

© Ben Palmer

© Ben Palmer

Before that, he directed Barunka O’Shaughnessy in Bo Selecta and it’s various spin-offs, and after it, he was in charge of several Channel 4 pilots featuring our regulars: Penelope Princess Of Pets (starring Julian Barratt & Simon Farnaby), Milton Jones’ House Of Rooms (featuring Colin Hoult), and Them From That Thing (with Dan Skinner). 

Most recently, he was at the helm for the incredible Bad Sugar – which featured Sharon Horgan alongside Julia Davies, Olivia Colman, Reece Shearsmith, Kayvan Novak, Peter Serafinowicz, Julia Deakin and David Bradley… a cast so interstellar that the proposed series had to be cancelled as they could never get all that talent in the same place at the same time for long enough again.

Quite the connected fellow, then, and yet another incredibly talented Ben in our behind-the-scenes midst.

Man Up currently has no confirmed release date, but filming continues across London for the next few weeks, with the Daily Mail papping Pegg & Bell filming on the London Underground earlier this month.  As soon as we hear more, we’ll let you know, so stay peeled.

In the meantime, Sharon tweeted a photo of the main cast, which you can see below.

© Sharon Horgan

© Sharon Horgan

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