But… You’re A Horse

© David Bussell

© David Bussell

Internet legend, comedy genius and all-round epicentre of awesome David Bussell has released his first book online.

The comedian, who first crossed our paths via his non-broadcast pilot Missing Scene starring Alice Lowe and The Actor, Kevin Eldon, before appearing alongside Lowe once again in Dead Happy, has collated some of his finest practical jokes, photoshop muckabouts and general witticisms into But… You’re A Horse.

For example, his now infamous Facebook Knock-Knock Hijack, the haunting tale of the Unwanted Dummy and elements of his Hotel Graffiti join all new material that’s part autobiographical, part absolutely bonkers.

Ongoing comic strip Conan The Rejected sees the former barbarian struggle to get by, and there’s a bit of a wrestling theme to David’s doodlings too.

Elsewhere, are tales of his Sylvanian Family themed wedding and the ways he used to amuse himself working in a video rental store. Plus, you can find out the reason he was ACE at his GSCE’s, and lots, lots more.

The book can be bought for just £6.39 on Lulu now as a sumptuous paperback, so what are you waiting for?  And whilst you wait for it to be posted out, you can watch Missing Scene again below, and read our recentish interview with David, in support of his Hunka Wunda online sketch show, over yonder.

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