Chris Morris & Kevin Eldon Join Stewart Lee

The third series of the award-winning Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle starts on Saturday March 1st, and it will feature two of our designated ‘comedy pioneers’ in its line up: Chris Morris and Kevin Eldon! 

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In addition to acting as script editor for the series, Morris will be questioning Lee on his ideas in between the stand-up sections of the show, taking over the role of ‘hostile interrogator’ from Armando Iannucci. Eldon will appear in filmed sketches, along with another familiar face in the form of Paul Putner.

Though Series Three been in development for some time – with Lee’s magnificent recent stand-up tour working as a series of new-material try-outs for the series, the sudden announcement of the its transmission has come as something of a last-minute (very welcome) surprise.

Lee has said of the last-minute scheduling: “Obviously it’s too late do any press, promotion or publicity for the series now…that said, I am very grateful for the opportunity from BBC2 to have made the series, which I’m really pleased with.” To read Lee’s announcement in full, visit his official website.

Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle will run for 6 weeks from 1st March (and will air at 10.15pm on BBC2 for the first week).

Morris fans might be interested to know that the comedian made a rare, unannounced stage appearance on Saturday night – as the opening act for Stewart Lee. He performed a brief set at the closing night of Lee’s Much A-Stew About Nothing tour at the Royal Festival Hall on London’s South Bank.

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