Shearsmith Joins The House Of Fools

The gloriously silly House Of Fools has been impressing critics and audiences alike for the last few weeks, and as the final episodes approach, there’s a lovely cherry on top for alternative comedy fans.

© Pett TV / Christopher Baines

© Pett TV / Christopher Baines

The show, which continues tomorrow evening at 10:00pm on BBC Two, features comedic giants Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer alongside the brilliant Morgana Robinson and Daniel Simonsen, and TVO legends Matt Berry and Dan Skinner.

The final episode, airing next week (18th February) features a guest appearance by a man whose connections to Onion Land just keep on growing – the ever-delightful Reece Shearsmith.

© Pett TV / Christopher Baines

© Pett TV / Christopher Baines

The former star of Psychoville and The League Of Gentlemen appears as in a suitably spooky edition, as Vic, Bob, Beef and Bosh perform a seance in a bid to win a chimpanzee, but only Bob can see the spirit who appears.

Shearsmith – who also appeared in A Field In England, Spaced and Bad Sugar – is also currently wowing audiences on BBC Two with his latest collaboration with Steve Pemberton: the sublime Inside No. 9.

The anthology horror comedy features guest appearances from the likes of Katherine ParkinsonJulia Davies and Kayvan Novak (who also appeared in Bad Sugar with Reece & Julia, comedy incest fans!).

Inside No. 9 continues on Wednesday evenings on BBC Two, also at 10:00pm, and both it and House Of Fools are available for pre-order on dvd now via The Velvet Onion Amazon Store.

Pre-order House Of Fools!                         Pre-order Inside No. 9!

Pre-order House Of Fools by clicking on the image above!

Pre-order Inside No. 9 by clicking on the image above!

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