Tony Way’s Appointment With The Doctor

© Tony Way

© Tony Way

Tony Way has been confirmed to appear in one of Ben Wheatley‘s episodes of Doctor Who.

The comic has struck out as a dramatic actor in recent years, with performances in smash hits like Game Of ThronesThe Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and the forthcoming Tom Cruise blockbuster The Edge Of Tomorrow (formerly known as All You Need Is Kill).

He’s also previously collaborated with Wheatley – appearing in both Down Terrace and Sightseers for the director, and now he is set to play a character called Alf in the first episode of Series Eight (or Season Thirty Four!), featuring Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman.

We first assumed that Way, who also appeared in Sherlock for Who head honcho Steven Moffatt, was involved with the show when he Tweeted about the state of Cardiff’s weather over the weekend. The series has been filmed there since 2004, with Ben Wheatley currently filming two episodes concurrently for the new run.

However, whilst Tony was sworn to secrecy, his agent profile has revealed his involvement, and the Daily Mail went one further by snapping Tony on set!  We can confirm this isn’t a huge part, but we’re looking forward to seeing the results all the same when Doctor Who returns in the Autumn, with two episodes helmed by Wheatley.

In the meantime, Tony returns as Dontos Hollard in Series Four of Game Of Thrones this April, and a trailer for the new run can be seen below.

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