MooneTube For Series Two

© Baby Cow

© Baby Cow

Smash hit sitcom Moone Boy is set to return for a second series next month, and fans of the show will have a special chance to watch the first episode ahead of transmission.

The show is the brainchild of Chris O’Dowd, who co-writes the show with Nick Vincent Murphy, and following a critically acclaimed, multi-award winning first series, it was always expected the show would return.

For those not in the know, O’Dowd stars as Sean Murphy, the best friend of David Rawle’s character, Martin Moone.  Together they get into all sorts of hilarious japes and unusual hi-jinx, and Sean always has some friendly advise for his friend – or a banjo tune to keep him happy.  Except Martin is a schoolboy, and Sean… well, he’s imaginary.

Originally spun-off the back of anthology series Little Crackersthe show has been an international hit, with a series of children’s books on the way, and a third series planned ahead of the new run.

Series Two is set to air from Monday 17th February at 9pm on SkyOne HD, however, fans will be able to see the first episode for free this weekend via Sky’s own YouTube channel!  In a move targeted at non-subscribers, everyone in the UK will be able to access the episode ahead of transmission.

If you still don’t fancy subscribing to Sky, the whole second series is available to pre-order on dvd now via The Velvet Onion Amazon UK Store, with an expected release date of March 14th.

For more details on Series Two, including an episode break-down, visit our friends at The British Comedy Guide.

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  1. Great comeback episode.

    Good blog


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