A Look Inside No. 9



The BBC have released a series of promotional pictures granting us a tantalising view Inside No. 9.

The series is the brainchild of Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton – previously responsible for cult classic Psychoville and one half of The League Of Gentlemen.

Whilst both men have numerous connections back to the inner circle of TVO regulars – with Shearsmith in particular cropping up in a huge amount of Onion related film and television in recent years, the other reason we’re excited about this one is because the show also features Katherine Parkinson – IT Crowd legend and former Ealing Live collaborator.

A dark anthology series that pays homage to Amicus and The Twilight Zone, whilst also having the contemporary edge of Black Mirror and filled with typical Shearmsith & Pemberton magic, each episode explores the sense of claustrophobia and intensity of one key location per story.

TVO recently attended a screening of the first two episodes, and can confirm its every bit the delight fans of the duo will be expecting.

Inside No. 9 is set to air from Wednesday, 5th February at 10pm on BBC2, and will be available on iPlayer shortly after transmission.  You can see a gallery of images from the show below.

To celebrate, we’ve also used this opportunity to create a ‘pop-up’ area of our TVO Amazon UK Store, featuring the complete runs of PsychovilleThe League Of Gentlemen and other classic appearances by Reece & Steve, whilst Katherine Parkinson fans can plug the gaps in their collection via her dedicated category over yonder.

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