Enter Into The House Of Fools


Last night saw the debut of House of Fools, a new sitcom penned by and starring Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer. While any new creative output from Vic and Bob deserves attention, the reason for including the show on our hallowed pages is because it also features Matt Berry and Dan Skinner (a recent addition to TVO’s list of artists).

If you didn’t manage to watch the first episode we implore you to check it on iPlayer – it’s bloody brilliant! Chaotic, surreal and darned funny; its appearance on our screen is hopefully a sign that media owners are starting to take a few more risks when it comes to comedy programming. Matt’s character, Beef, deserves a special call out – his introductory scene is simply perfect.

If you don’t believe us, take a look at some of the glowing reviews that the pilot episode received – from The Guardian, Telegraph, Independent and Metro (just click on the link to read the review). It’s clear that Vic and Bob are back with a bang!

Don’t forget to tune into BBC2 at 10pm next Tuesday for the second episode of House of Fools, titled ‘Bob’s Soggy Breakfast’. For more information about the series have a look at the show’s BBC pages.

1 Comment on Enter Into The House Of Fools

  1. Vic and Bob have been an integral part of our family humour since they first came on our TVs, so to see them return with a huge explosion like this is quite special.


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