Wheatley’s Who: Filming Begins!

Filming is now taking place on Peter Capaldi’s first episodes of Doctor Who, with Ben Wheatley at the helm.

© BBC/Adrian Rogers

© BBC/Adrian Rogers

The director of Sightseers and A Field In England, to name but a few of his masterpieces, was confirmed for a stint on Series Eight (or Season 34!) late last year, and it had been rumoured for some time that he would be the man charged with getting the ball rolling for the Twelfth Doctor’s adventures.

With filming underway, the BBC released the image of the former The Thick Of It star alongside actress Jenna Coleman (Clara Oswald), earlier today.  With Capaldi dressed in his predecessors attire, it also made sense to confirm that Wheatley is indeed filming the opening episodes of the series.

Episode One will be written by Doctor Who and Sherlock head-honcho Steven Moffat, with Episode Two being penned by fellow Who veteran Phil Ford, with filming continuing for the next few weeks.  There’s currently no sign of any of Ben’s frequent collaborators on set, sadly, but Doctor Who News have revealed a few returning faces regardless.

Doctor Who is set to return in the Autumn, and we’ll try and bring you more spoiler-free news as and when we can.  In the meantime, check out another TVO legend cropping up in Moffat’s other show on iPlayer

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